Heavenly Haas Boston Terriers


About Us


 In early 1997 my brother Jeff introduced me to a breed of dog that was to forever change my life.  I had never before spent time interacting with Boston Terriers and it was "love at first sight."  Their intelligence, loyalty, and wonderful spirit for adventure and companionship won my heart completely.  As a lady whose faith is central to her understanding of life I have committed to breeding and nurturing our puppies in a way that honors the Lord.  We only breed once a year, which allows us to maintain a high standard of quality, and all our puppies are reared in our home where they are given unconditional love and attention.


Located outside Morgantown, Pennsylvania, which is less than an hour west of Philadelphia, Heavenly Haas' Boston Terriers is committed to providing pets with top notch breeding and physical attributes.  All puppies are AKC registered, all females are CERF tested, which screens for blindness, and Patella tested, which checks for potential knee cap dislocation.  All puppies are declawed shortly after birth, and we gurantee all sales for 1 year.


Throughout the past ten years we have been blessed to develop a line of Bostons that are either in the champion or immediate champion category. 


Our hope is that all who purchase our Boston Terriers would enjoy a lifetime of companionship with this free-spirited and quite lovable friend that are often affectionately referred to as the "lap dog."  Should you decide to purchase one of our Bostons you will immediately appreciate why they have garnered this affectionate handle. 


During the past ten years I have come to understand that breeding champion dogs is difficult work but I can say that for me it is truly a labor of love.  My sons enjoy spending time with our extended family members and include them in various school and sports activities.


We have all heard the expression that dogs are "a man's best friend," for our family, that age old adage takes on a deeper meaning.  We have developed many on-going relationships with the people who have made our Bostons a part of their homes, and over 30% of our sales are to repeat customers who have enjoyed the experience so much that one was just not enough!!!!!  



We would be more than happy to provide references upon request---should you be interested in learning more about Heavenly Haas Boston Terriers, please e-mail me.   


God Bless and have a Boston of a Day


     Adam & Paige