Heavenly Haas Boston Terriers

Reference Letters


Hi Melissa,
We purchased a Boston Terrier puppy from you on November 16, 2015, and we just wanted to update you on our new addition. Barkley has been such a pleasure and we couldn't be happier with him. We receive compliments all the time on his anatomy and cuteness. He's quite the social butterfly and loves his training class buddies! I wish we could have purchased his brother along with him but your advice on buying one at a time was excellent. Barkley has tons of energy and one-on-one time is tantamount to the training experience at this point. We hope to do business with you again in the near future. We are overjoyed with Barkley and love him dearly. I have attached some pictures to show you his progress. Thanks for everything!
The Ayres Family


Pearl just turned 1 on June 21st.  We love her & don't know what we did without her! She goes to obedience class 1x a week, daycare 1x month & has even had swimming lessons. Here are a few pics of her. Thank you so much giving us such a great little girl!!!!!!!!
Tammy & Bill Rutland


Hi Melissa!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Pickles (from Sally & Brody's litter born 8/19/13) is doing great she just turned 4 months old yesterday. We love her very much and she has a fantastic personality. Thank you so much for breeding not only a wonderful addition to our family, but also a very well socialized puppy that can adapt to any situation and has everyone falling in love with her. I now understand why you said that bostons are like potato chips! I'm sure we will be back for another one.
Kelsey & Pickles
New Jersey

Benny Benny

Dear Melissa,
We are loving our newest addition "Leo"!  Thank you for " bringing him back to life".  Hugs and kisses to his fur mom Dixie and fur dad Oliver. This puppy is precious.  Our three children are in love with him and our Boston Georgia already has made him her new best friend.  Thank you for allowing us to have Leo!  What a Christmas blessing!  We will keep in touch.
The Santomauro Family

Dear Melissa
My pup just received his final puppy vaccinations today. Next he will receive his Lyme vaccination. The vet said he is ready to neuter between now and six months. I told him we would wait until he is 10 months per your suggestion. He is doing so well with his potty training. Yesterday he actually went to the door and told me he was ready to go out. I love him so much. Thanks for bringing him into my life


Hi there!! Just wanted to let you know that Mojo is doing just great! I have raised many puppies and I can say that I've never had it easier! Mojo is so smart and willing to please. He is a joy! He is so gentle with my daughters and plays beautifully with our other pets, including the cat!!!!
Thank you so much for being such a good breeder! It's hard to find! We will definitely be back!


Watson (from Twila and Oliver's litter) is now a year and half old, and has leveled out at 18 pounds - he's very adventurous and loves going to the park, playing in the creek, and hiking with us. When he's at home, though, he's a cuddly lap dog. He gets along wonderfully with all other dogs and people, and thinks everyone wants to play all the time-his best friend is Peanut the 160 pound great Dane. He was extremely easy to train, especially with treats as incentives, and can pick up new commands or games within the first few minutes. He's the perfect little companion. Melissa was awesome with helpful tips along the way - it's absolutely clear how much time and love she puts into the dogs. We did end up getting his nostrils opened up just a bit when he got neutered on suggestion of our vet (who said she does it to most brachy puppies) and he can indeed breath more easily now when playing.


RosieHello Melissa!

I adopted Gigi (now Rosie) from you almost a year ago! I just wanted to update you on her. She has become one of the most mellow dogs I have ever owned and is a pleasure. She gets along with people of all ages and most dogs. I've attached a photo of her. I just want to thank you again, she is such a wonderful addition to our family.



Dear Mrs. Haas,
Just wanted to update you on our puppy JET that we purchased from you a little over 6 months ago. He is happy and healthy and everything we could of asked for. Jen and I wanted to thank you again for bringing him into our lives we love him more everyday.

Thank you,
Louis, Jen, and JET



Hi Melissa, Hope your holidays were wonderful. Lou (Lucille) had a great xmas and we had a great one with her. She is a beautiful, smart dog and is loved by the whole family.
I am so glad I found you, you are a wonderful breeder.

SeamusHere is a picture of Seamus (puppy #3) on his 1st birthday yesterday. He is a great dog, extremely smart as well as energetic. Thanks so much for breeding him!


baxterHi Melissa,
We thought you might like some pictures of Baxter (formerly, Buddy)with us. Hope you enjoy! He just turned 8 mos, is 18 lbs and is doing great. We are so happy to have him in our family.

Matt and Becca
PS We weren't sure how you feel about dressing up Bostons, but that picture makes us laugh really hard


I wanted for some time write to tell you how happy we are with the little brindle boy we got from you in the beginning of September. His name is now Vincenzo (Enzo for short). His temperament is wonderful and he is a good listener & easy to train. He was virtually housebroken within about 48 hours and slept with the "family" in bed after 4 days. Enzo has 2 sisters - one pug named Allie who thinks she is Enzo's mommy and "Hello Kitty" a B/W cat we adopted from Grandma when she passed away. Enzo gets along great with both. Kitty is tolerant of his puppy antics and Enzo is playful yet very gentle with her. He always naps with big sister Allie after Kitty wears him out. He loves sticks and blowing leaves. He had his first time walking in snow and he loves it. We have crop circles all over the yard that he made at very high speed. Did I mention that he understands and responds to commands in Italian?

I could go on about how much joy he brings us all but I won't bore you. Bottom line... thank you for careful breeding and lovingly giving these little gems a "jump start" into life. We had a feeling that we chose well when we picked Heavenly Haas and now we're certain. So thanks and may God bless.


Walter & Kari
and Allie
and Hello Kitty
and (of course) Vincenzo (who is now 10 lbs)

TuxiHi Melissa,

I wanted to get in touch with you and send you an updated picture of Tuxi. She was in the litter of Bows and Gibsons in April last year. She is doing wonderful, she got fixed about two months ago. Extremely smart and well tempered. Best addition to my house!

Hi Melissa,

Just wanted to send you an Updated picture of our precious Boy, Zeus. He is so smart and oh so spoiled. He is a major treat hound. He knows exactly where they are kept and he ain't too shy to ask for them. He sleeps snug up against us in our bed under the covers. He lives up to the name you guys gave him as he definitely is King of our castle. We could not love him enough. Thank you again. We could not ask for a better Boston.

Hi Melissa. I wanted to follow up with you and our amazing dog Spanky! We purchased Spanky from you in September 2010. She is the one in the picture you had sent. She is going to be 2 this summer and we couldn't imagine life without her. She has added so much fun and love to our family and she is truly the best companion ever! Here is a picture of her! We can't thank you enough for allowing our family to have such an amazing little dog!


Letter of reference

QuincyI purchased my Boston Terrier from Melissa (Heavenly Haas) in December 2010 after a long search for a local, reputable breeder who also wasn't going to break the bank for me. Having been the owner of a Boston Terrier previously, I knew what to look for in a dogs markings and personality. The first thing I noticed is that Melissa is the kindest person and a wonderful dog breeder! The area of her home where she keeps the new puppies and the dogs was so impressive! All the dogs were able to roam from indoors to outdoors freely. The area was neatly kept and did not smell. The dogs all looked healthy and happy and you could tell that she just has a love of the breed. My daughters immediately fell in love with "Quincy" and we left that day with the newest member of our household. Quincy is perfectly marked, has a wonderful temperament and disposition and he is a joy to have in our home! I have seen very shady breeding practices and can tell that Melissa knows what she is doing. Her prices are extremely reasonable and she is always a short email away to offer advice on anything I have a question with. I continually send updated pictures to her and she was ever more than accommodating when Quincy needed a small medical procedure done (nothing that had anything to do with her breeding practices or dogs). She contacted her vet and she stood fully by her policy of 100% satisfaction when you buy a dog from her. I believe she went above and beyond what any other breeder would have done for their customers in the situation that I ran into. I will certainly be going back to Melissa for another Boston in the future!


Melissa ,

We are the proud family of 3 Melissa puppies. Moe, Charlie and Chase. We highly recommend Melissa Haas. She has brought a ton of happiness to our family.